Chiropractic Care

Safe and Effective Chiropractic Care

At PleasantView Chiropractic clinic, providing quality care is our number one priority. We are a family oriented clinic and treat patients of varying ages. We customize individual treatment plans that best suit each patient, allowing them to return back to their optimum health. The goal of our treatments is to alleviate pain, facilitate healing, and restore proper function to the injured area, therefore allowing you to return to normal activity quickly and safely.

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X-ray imaging is used to view the spine and joints to see if there are any concerns related to recent or past events such as a traumatic injury sustained in a motor vehicle collision, sport related injury or recreational injury.

Dr. Olthuizen will determine if they are required for the patient after a thorough assessment. X-rays will also show if there are any areas that have wear and tear or degeneration. X-rays are covered by Alberta health care.

Custom Orthotics We have been providing  custom orthotics in our clinic since 1996.  Custom orthotic is a device design to align the foot and ankle.  They look like insoles but are biomechanics medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance.  Sometimes when the ankle and foot are not aligned properly this imbalance can lead to issue in the feet such as platter fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, ankle strains, general foot pain, it may even lead to knee, hip and low back pain.   For more information visit

Adjunctive Modalities

Interferential/tens therapy

Tens will decrease pain help decrease muscle tightness and will facilitate the healing process. The patient will feel a tingling sensation with the tens on, however most patients feel this sensation is a comfortable sensation and it helps to decrease pain in both the acute and chronic phase.

Hydroculator therapy

Moist heat is used on every visit, the moist heat helps to decrease muscle spasm and most patients find it very relaxing.

Myofascial and Soft Tissue release techniques If indicated, Dr. Olthuizen will use these techniques to release muscle tension and tightness on affected areas and joints.

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